Solo Exhibition

2021 [Split] Solo Exhibition (Studio Yosm)
2018 「Face Your Depression」 (Pentagram)
2017  Portraits」 (Bar Blanc)
         「Imprint2-Female Gaze with Vagina Monologues (Itaewon Sonnendeck)
          mART Project Private Graffiti-imprint」 Itaewon Sonnendeck
2016  「Dabin Lee in Object」 (Object)
2014  Moon bar party 「Blood Moon」 (Hotel banyan-tree)
         「My Name Is Dabin」 (My Name Is John)
         「Alone」 ( 5km)

Group Exhibition

2020  노원문화재단 신진작가전 (상계예술마당)
2020  「REFLECTION」 (eco rock gallery)
2019  「ASYAAF」 Asian Students And Young Artists Art Festival  (DDP)
2018   「ASYAAF」 Asian Students And Young Artists Art Festival  (DDP)
          「The Body CICA Museum
           Project Mingle
2016   Pildong art market project 「PILAF」 (art1)
         「ASYAAF」 Asian Students And Young Artists Art Festival  (DDP)
2015  「DUHA 1st exhibition」 (Conhas)
2014   ㄱㅇㅂ 「Exhibition 1」 (Our Monster)
2013   「Manwon Jeon-the second story」
          「Ssang Nyeon-Jeon(Bitch)」 (Geumunhwa gallery)
2012   「Manwon Jeon of Eve」
          「Manmin Gong dong Hoe」


Cover illustrations & designs of singer-songwriter Max Fotheringham 「Perikope」

Poster illustration & design of film 「Child who breaks the sun」
Cover illustrations of band 'Boys in the Kitchen'
Cover illustration of band 'Dalpeum'
Body painting works in look book of brand 'B*side*bastard'